Popular Bathroom Colour Schemes For 2019

Colour schemes are essential in the home, they influence the overall tone and mood of the room. Bathrooms tend to be cold and detached. Depending on the theme you utilise, you can control the atmosphere set using colour schemes and patterns. Some themes will have a refreshing and energising effect, where as some themes can establish a relaxing, calm tone.

The larger bathroom you have, the more freedom you have. Larger rooms complement a variety of styles, however, when utilising dark colours and shades, they have a narrowing effect on the room.

Personalising your bathroom with a range of different hues adds to the complexity. Here are the popular bathroom décor trends in 2018 so far:

Bright and bold designs

Vibrancy is achieved with radiant hues, instead of your bathroom being bland, plain and ordinary exploit a statement colour that intensifies your room. If there is a lack of natural light, this design is a brilliant option. There is an abundance of ways to implement a bright colour scheme in your bathroom, for example: Feature walls and patterned tiles are a beautiful solution, especially when enhancing neutral space. Match accessories, towels etc with the hues and tones on the featured wall to complete the theme.

Contemporary styles

Modern varieties emit a chic aura and imply an expensive impression. Monochrome is such a prominent, luxurious theme. The black and white contrast helps create a clean polished feel, particularly with the elegant fixtures and cabinets. Furthermore, monochrome is such a versatile style, you can freshen up the design by integrating another colour using accessories and fixtures.

Neutral tones

There’s a collective interest with neutral coloured bathrooms, the gentle hues are difficult to dislike due to the passive and sleek paints. This universal colour palette such as white, beige, brown and light grey which are complementary to both a traditional and contemporary design. Crude materials further enhance this style. Currently wood effect floor tiles are popular, they are more durable and cost-effective compared to real wood, whilst still maintaining the aesthetic. Other flattering assets like Mosaic and stone patterned tiles are so flattering, especially paired with naturally textured fixtures and accessories.

Dark interiors

Dark and gloomy colours are already popular throughout the house, so it’s no surprise that the craze has creeped to bathrooms as well.  Black and other dark hues tend to absorb light, therefore dimmer bathrooms will rely on textures and colour to contrast an otherwise bleak place. Implementing textured tiles such as stone, marble, wood and concrete are durable options, depending on your budget. Furthermore, integrating reflectivity and bright colours will create the distinction needed, for example sleek white furniture and metal surfaces will withdraw the absorbing effect. Despite the initial dull connotations of dark colour schemes, the right shades and shadows will deliver a luxury and elegant feel.

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