What makes a traditional farmhouse kitchen?

Many of us dream of having a traditional farmhouse kitchen in our homes, but that dream isn’t too far out of reach when it comes to simple styling methods. By adopting these timeless and flexible kitchen elements, your space will be everything you’ve desired.

A traditional farmhouse kitchen is considered a luxury and following these simple design points will help you achieve your dream kitchen.

  • Simple architecture

The essence of a traditional farmhouse kitchen does not rest solely on solid oak kitchen doors or dark colours as is popularly believed. Simple architecture elements such as whites and light shades can also help you achieve the look that you want. In fact, almost any colour scheme appeals to this particular design style as its lack of uniformity lends itself to its charm.

For those with a large, open kitchen, an island is a must-have. This space can be used to cook, socialise and eat, making it the perfect addition to a traditional farmhouse kitchen.

The detail of a traditional farmhouse kitchen lies in the islands, crown moulding, panelled cooker hoods and furniture-style toe kicks. These small flecks in the overall design are what give traditional farmhouse kitchens their homely and comforting characteristics.

  • Cabinetry & unit choices

Even though they are timeless, traditional farmhouse kitchens are fresh. Most of the time you will see a simple shaker door, perhaps with small bead moulding. There are no raised panels like in contemporary kitchens or flat-panel doors that make the modern kitchen look.

This kind of style is what everyone feels most comfortable in, even the most modern interior devotees. If there is a colour that defines a classic style and pleases everyone, it has to be white. Choosing the right handles for your cabinets is important and needs careful consideration. They should be in keeping with the style and proportion of the cabinetry.

The cabinetry style is essential for maintaining the traditional farmhouse kitchen look. Opting for the likes of shaker, inset and bedboard are the best choices. It is also common to insert some glass-fronted doors on some cabinets as they fit well with the theme and can make the room look larger.

  • Sinks & taps

Ceramic sinks are the only way forward for a traditional farmhouse kitchen. They’re hardwearing and when paired with a similar styled draining board, they fit the farmhouse theme perfectly. Ceramic sinks are also incredibly luxurious and will bring years of grace and elegance to your kitchen environment. The most popular is the Belfast sink, a must for any traditional farmhouse kitchen, however plenty of other ceramic designs are available and look gorgeous.

When it comes to taps, Victorian styled taps never go out of style. These classic designs look stunning when paired with ceramic kitchen sinks and wood counter tops. Even though they look old-fashioned and in keeping with the traditional farmhouse kitchen style, these taps have the same technology as their modern counterparts.

  • Appliances

Traditionally, country kitchens feature a wood-burning oven but we understand these aren’t the most suitable for your family home. In a farmhouse kitchen it is the cooker that should be the main focal point so the likes a of range cooker or aga is the perfect addition. If they aren’t viable then look for modern alternatives hidden within your kitchen design.

Many newer models of dishwashers and overs conceal various setting buttons on top rather than displaying them in a front panel. Consider this when deciding on what features are important to you within your traditional farmhouse kitchen.

An old-fashioned refrigerator is so compatible with the country kitchen aesthetic and other touches that it fits the decor perfectly. Don’t give up on the idea of a large double refrigerator because you are afraid of having to sacrifice storage space, there’s no need to worry about mixing modern conveniences with traditional style if the appliances are in keeping with the decor.

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