Child-Proofing Your Kitchen

If you’re planning to start a family or possibly you’re welcoming grandchildren soon then you’ll want your kitchen to be child-proof as possible. The kitchen can be a dangerous place for children, so here are our recommendations for taking the extra steps to keep it as safe as possible for youngsters. This is the Paul Barry KBB guide to child-proofing your kitchen.

The simplest step is adding a baby-gate on to the entrance of the kitchen. We recommend buying a gate that’s higher than you think. Even the smallest of babies will surprise you with their impressive climbing skills.

Adding locks to your cabinets and drawers is a must to prevent babies and children from accessing dangerous items. Additionally, you can dedicate a low drawer or under-cabinet to the children and fill it with plastic bowls, cups, plates and some of their favourite snack items.

This may deter them wanting to explore the other cabinets filled with potentially dangerous items and they have everything they need at a safe operating level. Not only is this child-proofing your kitchen, but it is future proofing it too.

The sharper it is, the higher it should be. Inside your lower cabinets, try to keep as few sharp or edgy objects as far away as possible. This includes objects that can easily break into shreds too such as glassware and crockery. Relocate all your sharp knives, small appliances and other items to spaces out of reach and high up places.

Lowering your countertops to a child-friendly height is a consideration for your next kitchen renovation. By having a kitchen surface well within your child’s reach, they can safely prepare their own food without stretching or standing on other furniture which makes them more accident prone.

A lower worktop means alternative risks for children. A great way of child-proofing your kitchen is to round off your worktop surface to prevent any bumped heads.

A new countertop can also mean a more hygienic space as splatters, drops and spillages inevitably happen when kids are in the kitchen. By installing worktops like Quartz or Corian mean they’re virtually indestructible, extremely easy to clean, maintain and hygienic.

Kitchens have to work for all the family and they have to be stylish as well as functional. For your next family kitchen, it needs to be Paul Barry KBB. We specialise in beautiful kitchens that are exquisitely designed and made with the finest materials regardless of space or budget.

From the design process through to installation, we handle absolutely everything. All you need to do is tell us what you want for your room and we will do the rest.

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