Choosing The Right Toilet

Not the most glamorous of topics – but every household has one so it is probably the most necessary of topics. This blog is about toilets and choosing the right toilet for your bathroom.

The toilet you choose will be determined by a number of factors like your budget, your bathroom’s style and the amount of space you have. So to help you make your choice, we’ve put together an expert guide to choosing the right toilet.

Most toilets available fall into three categories: close coupled, back to wall, and wall-hung. Not sure which one is which? Don’t worry we’re here to explain.

Close coupled toilets tend to be the most common ones, in which the cistern is directly attached to the toilet pan and sits on top of the bowl. These are typically taller toilets than either wall-hung or back to wall ones. Pipework is hidden, so cleaning is simple and the toilet is a fundamental fit for any bathroom. If you’re working towards a budget then a close coupled toilet is the most cost-effective option. They are available in a large number of styles and shapes, so let your personal style shine through when choosing yours.

Due to their size and their compact nature, a close coupled toilet is the perfect fit for small or awkward space. So if you have any minor recesses in your bathroom wall, this choice of loo may make the most of the space. Each close coupled toilet comes with its own measurements so check the dimensions before deciding which one is the perfect fit for your space.

Back to wall toilets have both the cistern and the bowl itself fixed to the wall at the back and their base stands on the floor, but the water tank is separate to the bowl. This design makes it the toilet for those looking for a contemporary style that is also ideal for space-saving.

You’ll find that the cistern for back to wall toilets are sold separately and concealed by the wall, with a flush panel fitted into the wall. Due to the cistern being sold separately, you must factor in the cost of this when you’re budgeting.

When you’re aiming for a streamlined modern look these particular designs are spot on for choosing the right toilet. The finish is fuss-free and makes cleaning very easy with the lack of a visible cistern helping to create a clutter free space.

These don’t differ too far from wall-hung toilets, another style of toilet available. As the name suggests, wall-hung toilets hang from the wall and leave extra space underneath to make your bathroom appear more spacious. They’re also known as floating toilets due to the space underneath them, making cleaning the toilet bowl and the floor so simple.

Wall-hung toilets offer a contemporary look that can make your bathroom look and feel so much bigger. They’re supported by a strong wall frame that conceals the cistern and holds the toilet, with cisterns concealed within the wall and activated by a flush panel.

One of the key benefits of a wall-hung toilet is that you can have the height adjusted to suit your needs. This means that wall-hung toilets are a great idea if you are looking to furnish a bathroom for someone who is taller or may have limited mobility

A wall-hung toilet creates a real feature point within your bathroom, it is as eye-catching as it is functional.

Is it time to renovate your bathroom and start choosing the right toilet? Here at Paul Barry KBB, we have over 30 years experience of turning your bathroom ideas into a reality. Our expert bathroom designers are on hand to offer advice and assist you in your needs and requirements to utilise the full potential of your available space.

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