Maximising the Space in a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you’re limited when it comes to design. There are many ways to turn your small bedroom ideas that are big on style into a reality. It is all about storage, layout and that added dash of panache.

Your small bedroom should always be functional but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style. Here’s how to maximise your bedroom’s square footage and set the right atmosphere.

Keep the Room Light and Bright

The use of white walls, flooring and furniture keeps the room looking open and clean. You can add elements of dark using burlap and accents. Having dark walls will close in the space even more so its important to keep your small bedroom breathable and welcoming.

Lighting is an important element of your small bedroom. Apart from a central light, in the bedrooms mainly occur wall, table or bedside lamps. On each side of the bed can be placed bedside tables, shelves or nightstands.

Eclectic Patterns and Wall Hangings

Create texture and pops of colour by adding unique patterns and indoor hanging wall decor and indoor plants. Whether it’s a fun mirror, some flowers or eclectic print pillows, your room is sure to look polished.

Stay eclectic but keep the colour palette consistent. It is best to stick to just three or four major colours, as too many colours can turn the bedroom into a restless space. But if you want to incorporate a wider range of colours, then do so in moderation.

Decor with matching silhouettes or groups of accessories that are placed together give greater visual order to the room.

Layout is Important

No matter how organised you are, it cannot make up for your small bedroom’s bad layout. Function is extremely important.

Place your bed where you’ll get light and consider whether you need both sides to be accessible. Think about your traffic patterns and arrange your space to suit them— clear the way to the bathroom or closet so you don’t bump your shins.

Sliding Robes Are a Must

To truly maximise on space, sliding robes are the best way to get the best out of your storage and room square footage simultaneously.
Sliding robes don’t open outwards like conventional bedroom doors which means you have more space around your small bedroom.

The shelving and storage options in bespoke sliding robes are designed with you in mind to provide a clutter-free space. Made-to-measure sliding wardrobes are the perfect solution to bedrooms where space is an issue.

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