Choosing a Kitchen Worktop

It works harder than any other part of your kitchen, so your kitchen worktop has to be tough and durable as well as stylish and elegant. Because of its position in the kitchen, it sits on a horizontal plane just like the floor, it’s a highly visible part of the overall look of your kitchen. People spend a lot of time agonising over the style of doors and handles, and the lighting they will have. Make sure you give the same consideration to your worktops, they deserve it!

Kitchen Worktop

There are now many more materials to choose from when considering a kitchen worktop. Modern technology has given us a range of super tough materials that are perfect for a busy family home. There are also many designer and luxury materials available. Whether its granite or composite, Iroko or laminate, one of the first things to assess before making a decision, is your budget. What you choose will be largely driven by what you have to spend. Cheaper options can be a good idea, there are some good laminates on the market, however, they will not last as long as more durable products.

Mixing and matching worktops is currently very on trend and so choosing more expensive and durable surfaces for the hardest working areas and choosing a wood or laminate elsewhere may well be a good option.

Kitchen Worktop

Another thing to take into consideration is your kitchen layout. If you already know this, it can help you to make a decision on what surface is best. Long straight runs are cheaper and easier to fit. If you have a lot of corners, a composite may be a better idea.

Kitchen Worktop

At Paul Barry KBB we are happy to take the time to help you make the right decisions and offer advice and guidance when choosing materials for your kitchen worktop. We offer a full design and planning service to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your dream kitchen. Have a look at our range of kitchens here and book a free consultation today!

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