Bedroom Ideas to Create a Relaxing Space

If you think about it, your bedroom is the room in our home that we spend the most time in. Yes, our eyes are closed but that’s not to say your bedroom shouldn’t be a comfortable space that reflects you. Most of all, your bedroom should be the ultimate place to relax, where you can shut the door to the hustle and bustle of the family home and fully unwind. In this blog we will look at bedroom ideas to help you create a relaxing space.

Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to creating our perfect homes we often sacrifice our bedrooms and focus our attention on our living room or areas with high footfall. But why not give ourselves the chance to make a relaxing bedroom space? Read on to discover our bedroom ideas and simple tips on how to transform your bedroom into a personal sanctuary.

We recommend a soft base colour for your wallpaper and flooring, being in a neutral coloured room is much easier to wind down in and is the gateway to a great night’s sleep.  Ensure the colours in your bedroom complement each other by selecting them from the same tone spectrum. Light bedroom colours are great for making a room feel larger, a darker hue envelops the bedroom, creating the perfect space to relax and slumber.

A relaxing bedroom space is a must for busy lives and that sense of tranquillity doesn’t just come from the decor.

Bedroom Ideas

All of your senses deserve to be treated and that includes your nose. Having your bedroom smell nice is a great way to enjoy your space a bit more. By dotting some nice candles around your room you can have your bedroom smelling beautiful. Obviously lighting your candles gives the room a beautiful smell but even unlit candles can have a beautiful fresh odour. Opening the windows to allow fresh air to circulate the bedroom will also eliminate any musty smells.

Whether your bedroom floor is covered in carpet or hardwood, rugs are a great way to add colour, texture and of course, warmth underfoot. Try layering rugs in different shapes and patterns for an extra-comfy look. Add a super-soft flourish with a chunky woven rug and deep pile carpet to keep your toes toasty.

Use a variety of throw pillows throughout your room. It ties together elements in your colour scheme. Using pillows with various textures, shapes and sizes will add a bit of interest and keep your room from looking overly coordinated.

When forming a relaxing bedroom, you can never have too many throws. With an assortment of textured throws in soft neutrals, breakfast in bed never looked so good.

By incorporating beautiful lighting variations such as dimming chandeliers and bedside lamps you can really enhance the room. Understanding where the natural light in your room enters at different times of the day and using that to influence the layout of your furniture will also create a relaxing bedroom.

And finally, who can relax with a cluttered bedroom? Beautiful sliding robes are a great way to organise your stuff and maximise your space. Our sliding wardrobe doors are custom built to be the perfect fit for your bedroom and they’re a luxurious, modern addition to any home.

Bedroom Ideas

Not only do our sliding robes look elegant, they also provide excellent storage solutions. They’re available in a wide range of colours and finishes and with a variety of internal storage options.  Get in touch to find out more and discover how we can turn your bedroom ideas into a reality.

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