What is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Purchasing a new kitchen for your home is a huge decision and after the process is completed, it’s important to love every piece of it. At Paul Barry KBB we believe that the best way to ensure your space is perfect for you is to make it a fully bespoke kitchen.

You hear the word bespoke a lot these days, but what does the term really mean?

According to Houzz, the term bespoke originally came from master tailors in the 17th & 18th century who created made-to-order goods for royalty and the elite upper class that were fitted specifically for the human form. One of the defining markers for upper class society was the quality of tailoring their wardrobe featured, and if their stitching was purposefully made for them.

A bespoke kitchen is one that is entirely unique to your home. Our kitchens don’t come out of the box, they’re made to measure using the finest natural resources to produce beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinetry.

bespoke kitchen

There is no standard sizing or one-fits-all process, and whilst we have kitchen designs that can be followed for inspiration, we can create completely unique designs for every customer.

Bespoke kitchens provide the individual touches that make your home yours and with our custom-made services we are able to bring your unique taste to life.

bespoke kitchen

We achieve our truly bespoke kitchens by offering a design service to our clients. This is our way of getting to know our client’s preferences when it comes to their bespoke kitchen; their likes and dislikes, so we can tailor our build around that. When you’re investing in something as important as a new kitchen – you want it to transform your home and reflect your personality.

When it comes to a bespoke kitchen, we believe that they’re the ultimate expression of style in your home. These days the kitchen is the hub of activity in our homes; it’s where we cook, eat, entertain and relax – and your kitchen design should enable you to get the most out of this space.

bespoke kitchen

Your cabinet doors are what really stands out when anybody steps into your kitchen, so that’s where the journey of a bespoke kitchen begins and by selecting finely tailored cabinets, you’ll find that timeless styling and excellent craftsmanship will not date your kitchen.

But it’s not just the cabinets, lighting and tiling that your bespoke kitchen is personalised to suit you. Do you like great coffee? We can find you the perfect coffee machine. Are you a baker? We can provide the best baking ovens. Is wine drinking your thing? We can install stunning wine fridges.

All of our designs are made with you in mind and we believe they’re synonymous with luxury. Paul Barry KBB bespoke kitchens achieve beauty, functionality and design built to last. Speak to us to find out more & arrange your free consultation.

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