Our Guide to Bathroom Lighting

With the flick of a switch your bathroom’s look and feel can be transformed if you get your lighting right. Besides the practical advantages of beautiful bathroom lighting, the illumination of the space can highlight the best features and truly give your bathroom the wow factor.Good bathroom lighting should be bright enough for your morning shave and yet it should allow you to fully relax in a hot bubble bath.

Sometimes the brilliant whiteness of light needed for make-up or shaving does not create soothing atmospheres when you’re unwinding in your bath or shower – this is where mood lighting is perfect for bathroom lighting.

Bathroom Lighting

At Paul Barry KBB, we have drawn inspiration from some of the world’s most luxurious spa retreats to find lighting that will create ambience, drama and intensity. Our team of master electricians are equipped to ensure they’re on a separate circuit to your main lighting to dim and blend the two light spectrums to fully suit your mood.

The key to fabulous bathroom lighting is to ensure that all your bathroom lighting is specifically designed for that room.

For example, lights fitted inside a shower will require a higher IP rating than general overhead lighting. Our designers can match you perfectly to fittings that skim light down the back wall of a shower or bath version for a low energy effect.

Adding wall lights are another great way to make your bathing space more interesting and different. LED designs give off calming vibes and cast a lovely soft glow in the bathroom. Down-lights can be especially effective when used to illuminate the back wall of a shower and make it look more dramatic.

Want to inject some quirkiness into your bathroom? A colourful light can add a pop of colour and draw the eye. We also supply shower-heads with coloured lights in for a funky aesthetic.

After working with our experienced designers to create a stunning shower or wet room, an accentuating lighting feature will certainly add the finishing touches to your installation. Not only will the bathroom lighting brighten the room and make it safer, it can add a gorgeous sparkle effect to the flowing water.

Our designers will ensure your sink and mirror are lit in the most flattering way and the face is lit evenly from either side. Around the mirror is the obvious area for task lighting what with the teeth brushing, shaving and makeup activities which occur every day.

Bathroom Lighting

With our variety of bathroom lighting fits, consisting of a carefully selected range of ceiling lights, illuminated LED mirrors, LED cabinets, down-lighting and mood spectrum lighting, to name but a few, we know that your brand new bathroom is an ideal space to introduce a stunning lighting scheme into your home. Why not get in touch today to book a free design consultation with one of our friendly team?

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