Choosing the Perfect Extras for Your Kitchen

It’s not just the place your meals are prepared, it’s the place where your family gets together to eat, it’s where you entertain guests and it’s where the most activity happens. Your kitchen is the hub of your home and this means it needs to be perfect.

Not only does your kitchen need to be function, it also needs to be a comfortable space where everything is just right and you can relax. It is our expert kitchen team’s duty to help you every step of the way when it comes to the key aspects of your kitchen – your cabinets, worktops, tiles and appliances. But what about the other components? We’ve complied a list of the perfect extras for your kitchen to really give it that stamp of individuality.


Due to the multiple functions your kitchen is used for, your kitchen is where your home requires the most flexible lighting plan.
For instance, you’ll want a much brighter light while the kids are at the table trying to do their homework than you would while you’re sat having your evening meal.

The different aspects of your kitchen design require different lights, so we’ve broke down our best top tips to help you with lighting your kitchen.

  • If your kitchen has a high ceiling then adding low-hanging pendant lights will lower the scale of the room and make it much more homely
  • For close-up work on your worktops, a bright under-cupboard LED task lighting will ensure that you can see what you’re doing without any shadows
  • Your kitchen island would look beautiful with some recessed downlights or pendants which can be operated on a separate circuit to not only focus the light when you’re doing work, but to add a certain sophisticated drama to the room when the other kitchen lights are off.



Blinds give your kitchen some privacy from the rest of the world, but also allow daylight in and give your kitchen the finishing touches it deserves.

Additionally, the use of blinds is a modern alternative to curtains which can brighten your room during the light summer months but also keep your kitchen warm during the winter in a stylish way.

Choose a colour and style of blind which really complements your kitchen. By matching the colour to your kitchen’s design, it’ll really give your interior an edge. We recommend opting for PVC or vinyl for your kitchen blinds, so that they’re relatively safe from any splashes and spillages.



No new kitchen is complete without a sink and some taps to go with it. You’d be surprised how often the sink is an after-thought of kitchen buyers, and we always advise our clients that it should be near the top of your list as it could change the way you see the rest of your interior.

It may sound like a simple decision to make but there are inset, undermount and belfast sinks to choose from that all fit comfortably into your kitchen units. Your sink is for arranging cooking ingredients and food prep areas to minimize movement and maximize efficiency and so much more.

As kitchen technologies advance, a kitchen sink isn’t just a place to wash your ingredients and utensils any more. We can supply sinks with built-in sliding chopping boards, or multiple magnetic accessories such as hooks, soap dishes and utensil holders, or even integrated colanders.

The sink is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, so it makes sense to accessorise it to enable you to use it for as much as possible.


Of course, our in-house experts are on hand to help you with every single aspect of your brand-new kitchen. We provide bespoke kitchens down to the tiniest detail as we understand that your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home which is why it should be planned meticulously around you. Our vast range of designs are uniquely tailored to provide functional yet striking designs to renovate your space from just another room to an important living area.

If you would like us to design your kitchen for you please give us a call or drop into our showroom. We would be happy to arrange a free no obligation quote for you.

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