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A painted bathroom with a fresh lick of paint is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to spruce up a tired-looking bathroom. In recent years, painted bathrooms have become the preferred choice for home owners rather than conventional tiles. The current surge in the trend is often down to people wanting the option to choose their own bathroom colours, changing regularly to remain fresh and trendy for many years.

So, what colour are you going to choose for your bathroom paint? From calming neutral tones to darker hues, there is a whole host of options out there for you. Our painted bathroom design experts are here to offer you advice when it comes to painting your bathroom and styling it accordingly to make sure it remains a timeless space in your home.

Before you start painting, make sure that whatever option you choose you must ensure that it is an anti-mould bathroom paint. Due to the moisture and water of your bathroom, it is the perfect condition for mould and mildew to grow so make sure you pick a paint option that is resistant and easy to keep clean. Ask for assistance in your hardware store so you know the right materials to buy if you’re unsure.

Once you’ve got the materials its time to paint your bathroom and we’re often asked, “what colour should I paint my bathroom?” and our answer is always the same: whatever colour you like! But we always offer our advice:

Neutral palettes offer a soothing and calm bathroom, so think grey and beige tones. Not only do these look chic, they allow small bathrooms to look bigger. If you have a small bathroom, we suggest a neutral tone painted bathroom. Taupe and subdued yellows also allow small bathrooms to look bigger and they obtain a soothing, relaxing yet regal and elegant sensation.

On the flipside, going bold with striking reds and sharp blues really gives a pop. These can be ultra-modern in a sleek contemporary bathroom or work as a design flair in a traditional, Victorian style bathroom. Believe it or not, a bold primary colour can really be an amazing addition to a bathroom. The bright colour will look particularly striking as a backdrop against a pure, white bathroom suite.

A flash of a bright, fun colour can make your bathroom a unique place to express your personality. It must be seen to be believed.

For the ultimate sophistication, try adding a rich, dark shade of grey. Working against a traditional bathroom installation, a dark grey wall can feel drama and elegance for your bathroom.

A plain white painted bathroom can never be the wrong choice. As all your bathroom wares are most probably white, the space will look airy, clean and fresh. A lighter colour paint palette can work well in warmer months too as it will instantly create a light, summery finish.

Want more advice? From the colour of the painted bathroom walls to the type of taps you should have on your skin, we’re experts with over 30 years of experience transforming bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms across the UK. Our traditional, contemporary & modern designs include showers, baths, over-bath screens, ceramics and accessories consisting of the highest quality materials that come with manufacturer backed guarantees. If you would like us to design your bathroom for you, please give us a call or drop into our showroom. We would be happy to arrange a free no obligation quote for you.

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